10 perks of solo travel

Some think that traveling alone makes the traveler lonely and helpless. On the contrary, solo travel has its advantages. And I must say, the advantages truly outweigh my fears and doubts in going on my own. Below are just some silver linings that I have pondered on:

  1.  You do not have to wait for the other person to finish his/her affairs (i.e., getting dressed, shopping, taking pictures, etc.). Corollary, you can also take your time.
  2. You do not have to agree to anything (i.e., where to go, what to eat, how to get to wherever, etc.).
  3. You do not have to consider moods, opinions, and beliefs other than your own. You push and drag your own happiness and journey.
  4. You will be more responsible with your things and money. You know you are on your own. You have no one to depend on or to blame but yourself.
  5. You will improve on your communication skills. You will be forced to use them when boredom or ignorance hits you.
  6. You will develop a unique way of making decisions. One that is fast, intuitive, and confident.
  7. You will gain a sense of self-pride by accomplishing things on your own.
  8. You will look forward to socializing with others. Others will not pass prejudice based on the crowd that you are with. There is always a chance to reinvent one’s self for first impressions.
  9. You will be thrilled doing things, even the mundane kind. Riding a taxi… at midnight… in a “no-English” place… with a “no-English” driver? Exactly.
  10. You will discover something about yourself. Your peeves, your patience, your limitations will all be interestingly unravelled and you cannot help but be amazed.

Author: Elaine

Curious. Strange. Awesome

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