The now-or-never attitude

In the very few instances that I shop for clothes, I always know when I see the right one. Not the perfect one (because there is no such thing), but just the right one. The price justifies the quality. The color complements the style. The fit feels comfy. The design captures the need. I proceed to buying the item, then I immediately leave the mall. I always make sure not to look at any shops thereafter, because I know that even the feeling of being “right” is not absolute. I will always find something “more right.” I know that ultimately, I control the chase for the right one.

In the bigger scheme of things, i realize that this is how I live my life. The feeling that something is right is so hard to come by that when it hits me, I know I have to do something. I have to make a decision. It is now or never. There is no later, because “later” will give me another perspective, which could alter the “right-ness” of the initial feeling. No, this is not about being impulsive. As you can see in my above decision-making process, a lot of things were considered in arriving with the conclusion that indeed something is right. It was not done in haste. It was not borne out of impatience. It was a solid decision.

Finally, when something is right, the decision to pursue it must be supported with conviction. A conviction that requires adaptation though. Like when the fabric is too sheer to keep me warm, I would put on a coat. Or like when the color is two shades off the motif, I would accent the dress with accessories in the right shade of color. Despite such, I must come to a resolution that I will stand by it; that when something else suddenly feels “more right,” I will not be swayed; and that when the right ceases to be so, I will adapt.

PS – This post is just about the hiking/rappelling gloves that I bought, which I felt was the “right” hiking/rappelling gloves at the time. Then I later realize that they do not match (in color at least) with my other gear. Yes, I over-analyze everything like that. LOL


Author: Elaine

Curious. Strange. Awesome

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