Shoes separation anxiety

Nike Lunarswift2, you served me well. Thank you.
Nike Lunarswift2, you served me well. Thank you.

This is the fourth time that I am retiring a pair of running shoes. The process does not get easy with every pair though. In fact, I still have my first two pairs with me. I stopped using them, but I still keep them in their boxes. Once in a while, if my bib wall is not enough to motivate me to run, I would open the boxes and think of all the miles I have conquered with those shoes. Yes, I am sentimental like that.

So I knew that when I finished the Angkor race, I had to leave my Lunarswift in Siem Reap. Otherwise, I would still be using them until the whole thing fall off my feet. After all, this is my favorite pair. It was given to me as a Christmas gift by Ate Lala (yes, they were shipped all the way from the States). It had all the specs I wanted at the time – sensor slots, reflectors, fitsole, adequate toe box, and in hot pink color. I did not even mind that they had tears on the sides when I ran in them during the race. I figured it is better to run adapted than unaccustomed with my gear. Anyway, a healthy pair of legs and a decent pair of running shoes are all that I need when running.

If Nike still makes this shoe model, I will really buy another pair… or two for posterity. Right now, my two other functional running shoes pale in comparison to the Lunarswift in terms of design and performance. They are good enough for practice runs, but I probably will not be as confident to run in them as I did with the Lunarswift during a race. I know it will take time for me to move on and love another pair in the same (or greater) feeling, but I have been through this and as all runners know, the love for running transcends anything, including the pair of shoes that inspired me to love the sport.


Author: Elaine

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