Temple run

Who would not be inspired with this view?
Who would not be inspired to run with this view?

Because I dare to do everything for the first time this year…

My first race outside of the Philippines. My first trip to Cambodia.

The first race…

  • where I ran solo, as in I don’t know anyone.
  • where my fingers bloated (I thought they were going to explode!).
  • where I got chased by wild monkeys (at 18K!!!… which made me run like a crazy tired person hahaha).
  • where I doused myself with electrolyte drink for fear of heatstroke.
  • where I chatted with a fellow runner while running. At 19K, he said that he was in so much pain. I told him to just think “mind over matter.” By the way, he finished the race.
  • where I had to eat while running. Gels are amazing!
  • where I got so sunburned (even if I smothered myself with sunblock before the race!). Cambodia morning sun is scorching hot!
My post-race arm-thigh skin color ratio. LOL
My post-race arm-thigh skin color ratio. LOL
  • where I just enjoyed the locals. High-fiving Khmer kids really pepped me through the race.
  • where I got a medal! I have not received a medal in all my 5Ks and 10Ks before.
Hopefully, the first of many...
Hopefully, the first of many…
  • where I genuinely felt proud of myself. I trained for three and a half months, albeit intermittently. I watched what I ate and forced myself to wake up every 3:30 a.m. for my practice runs. I practiced even if it rained or if I had a deadline or if I was out of the country or if my legs were still hurting from the previous run. Every sacrifice was worth it.

This race is just the beginning. I will aim for podium and longer distances. I will aim for more prestigious races. I will aim for abs and thigh gap. I will aim to be the best runner that I can be. I will not stop until I have achieved them all.


Author: Elaine

Curious. Strange. Awesome

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