But first, let me take a panorama (part 2)

Statue of Guan Yin, Av. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Macau
Baler, Aurora Province, Philippines
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore


So I have not written for a while. Okay, a long while. Sometimes, life is better lived than blogged. Sometimes, you come up with some profound philosophy shit to justify your laziness to blog. (Truth is) I just wanted to keep things that happened to myself when they happened. I also got conscious of the little traffic that this blog had for a time. Geez, I’ve got followers! Or stalkers! Or prying partners who think I have too much non-billable time on my hands! I mean, you never know.

What happened during my blog hiatus? A lot. I joined races, most of which I DNFed (no shame in that). I quit running, started swimming, and continued mountain climbing. I learned how to cook and create recipes (mostly vegetarian stuff). I learned to speak Spanish. I went back to teaching. I traveled a lot with friends. I made a lot of friends in my travels. I visited far-flung barrios to voluntarily campaign for our current President (and never regretted it one bit). I’d say it was time well spent.

The career front had been unremarkable though. After four years, I’m still with the same firm. Actually, it felt like the learning curve has plateaued. It must be why I ventured into other life roles and somewhat made them my priority. But I try my best to avoid falling into a routine in the office. During down time, I do some legal aid work to keep me grounded and connected with social realities. When I get jaded with the practice, I turn to teaching to remind me of what is right and ideal. It is hard when you are in an environment where everyone wants to get ahead and you don’t share the same measurement for success.

Right now, I want to revive this blog. I want to put my opinions out there. I don’t even care if someone reads or gives a damn. I think certain skills are developed when a person makes a stand or forms her own views or speaks her mind. And I’m all for building skills.