I knew wrapping up my affairs in the office would be difficult. Call it separation anxiety, clinginess, or whatnot, but I take my work seriously. If I could complete all my pending work, I would. Not because I don’t trust that my successor can handle them, but because I don’t want the clients to pay extra hours for transition activities. So I waited until I have done everything that I could for all pending matters before informing the clients that I am turning over the work to another associate.

This morning, I informed some clients about my forthcoming resignation and was surprised, nay touched, to hear words of appreciation and encouragement. I am not good with receiving compliments, so I was more teary-eyed than thankful. One client said that I am one of the most efficient associates they have worked with. Another said that I have always been on top of things and that I always know my facts and law. Another specifically requested that I work on their project until my last day (i.e., to turnover as few work as possible). These are fellow lawyers, managers, engineers, and HR people, all wishing me good luck and assuring me that I will thrive in my chosen area of practice.

During the interview for my new job, my would-be boss asked, “If we call the partners of your firm right now, what do you think they will tell us about you?” I have not anticipated that question (it was not in Glassdoor! LOL), so I just answered it by describing how I work. I said, “They will say that I work fast and I respond to emails and calls without delay. They will also say that I like getting clear instructions and I am very thorough with my work.” I guess most of the feedback I got today validate what I said. Now I am convinced that I have done enough for the firm.


Author: Elaine

Curious. Strange. Awesome

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