Hello. Welcome to my blog.

My name is obviously the domain name for this blog. I am a Filipino lawyer, who loves to go on adventures and run obscure mountain races. I live in Davao City, but dream of living in the mountains someday. I am comfortable doing things alone, but if you are an exceptionally interesting person, my comfort is negotiable.

Like what the blog description says, the stuff here are those that I do when I am not doing the stuff that I am supposed to do (my job, in case that is still not obvious). When I am not in my office, I climb mountains and travel. When I am not sending e-mails or reviewing contracts, I blog and over-share. When I am not in a skype meeting, I talk to strangers and turn them into friends. I love both realities though. I cannot choose one over the other, but I have the autonomy to be awesome in both.

Through this blog, it is my hope that you will find inspiration in what I do and pursue your own awesomeness.